Team Applications - Open!

This is not a moderation application, and team members are not considered moderators unless they explicitly apply for it in the future. This application is for those who would like to be an aesthetician, merchant, event coordinator, or ambassador. You will be expected to have the same level of respect for the confidentiality of team information that moderators do, and will be given the Cadet (trainee) rank on chat.

Ourani teams are as follows:

Aesthetician (Art Review)

  • Reviews art uploaded to the chat and forum and ensures it abides by our aesthetic standards
  • Discusses potential changes to our aesthetic standards
  • Handles art theft (moderator only)

Event Coordinator

  • Generates creative ideas for events that bolster community participation within Ourani

Ambassador (Community Relations)

  • Acts as a bridge between Ourani and users, keeping in mind the site’s vision and goal
  • Recruits users for the site by advertising both inside and outside Chatlands
  • Manages social media

Merchant (Asset Acquirement)

  • Seeks out artists to commission for Ourani assets with a given budget
  • Drives art creation and design

All team members will have access to the staff handbook and some staff areas that are shared with moderation.

Please review this application carefully and fill it out thoroughly. Should you have any questions, contact me.

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