Size Chart Feedback

Hi everyone!

We were originally going with Wolfhome’s standards, but because we are our own thing and may not keep up with WH’s sizing changes, and also because we are going to be drawing in users from outside of Chatlands, we decided to come up with our own.

Here is the work in progress size chart. Click/download/open in new tab for full view.

We have made a more flexible chart that shows the max/large (grey) and recommended/average (black) sizes for particular species. This gives you a bit of diversity and freedom when sizing, allowing your character to be large for its species. We have increased the size limit of the chart so that you can upload higher-quality images, and lose less quality when resizing them. Pose scaling will be done in rooms. Your private rooms will need to be scaled, or else you’ll have huge poses everywhere.

Poses sized smaller than our recommended sizes are OK, so you can upload your older artwork with no issue.

Not all species that we’d like to be on here are here. We plan on adding some smaller animals, such as regular birds and rodents, and whatever you may suggest. Once we have nailed this down, we will be working on anthro, chibi, and Ourani species size charts also.

Please post here with any questions or feedback regarding the chart!



I really like the suggested vs max idea! I can’t tell how big they are on mobile but will check once I’m able

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I think this is a really substantial step forward in the way chats size poses. It makes a lot more sense for there to be a designated range opposed to a cut and dry singular proportional size that is acceptable.