Made With Luff

Taking some commissions for Chatlands-related and other stuff!

Only taking one slot at a time because I’m lame and get overwhelmed. ]:

Feral or anthro. Male or female. But if it’s feral, no NSFW option. That shit wack.

$30 Poses:

kGxEoVu dreamerposel crowflyposel kaleposer

$10 200x200 Pixels:

crowflypixel2 Juinepixel2

I will need from you:

  • Ref sheet
  • NSFW or SFW
  • Details/specifics
  • PayPal e-mail

Comment or PM to claim!

  1. Chikory
  2. Crowfly
  3. Kale
  4. Crowfly
  5. Bressa (sketched)
  6. Sjoujke



One spot open!


I luff the title for this

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it makes me cringe LMAO