HELP: Names for some species!

I have a bunch of critters that I had created for our site years ago. I’m currently in need of help naming them. Here they are:

  1. Weird frog boy
  • Just a harmless frog trying to live out its life to the fullest and not succumb to predators!
  1. Scary pincher bug
  • Looks scarier than it is! Though it may bite if you threaten to harm it, it primarily feeds on mushrooms.
  1. Funny stealthy shroomie dude
  • A worm-type critter that has a symbiotic relationship with the mushrooms growing out of its back. It has no mouth or eyes. The energy the mushrooms absorb from eating fallen pollen and spores feeds the bug.
  1. Spore catching spider
  • A spider that deploys a web to catch free-falling spores, manipulating the spores and web with its long back legs. It places them in the basin on its back, which is a semi-porous part of its prosoma.
  1. Thicc drumstick bird
  • A quick little bird that could rival the roadrunner, making it easy to escape predators. It cannot fly.
  1. Nightmare birddog
  • An unnerving mammal with six eyes and a sharp, pointed beak. It’s aggressive and will peck anyone’s eyes out as it pleases.

Just comment below with the number and let me know what you think! These will all be entered into the #cyclopedia as critters and have their art redrawn.

The person whose name we choose will be entered into the #cyclopedia as credit and will receive a contributor badge specific to helping name!


okay here are a few! words + meanings below

1: Virixthyes, Viridanae
viri=green, anae=frog
2: Parsonin, Bolexthyes
pars=segment, bole=mushroom
3: Glocimex, Glomerex
glo(mer)=spore, cimex=bug
4: Mycorranea, Myceleolus
mycorr=mycorrhizae, anaea=spider, mycel=mycelium

give us da meanings!!

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