[GIVE] Free Artwork!

Hey all my cool doughnuts. So I wanted to give back, and whilst I’m working between commissions, thinks I shall give some free sketches out! I love art, and practice is always fun! Send me any type of character!

Know, when I get busy with comms again, I won’t be able to catch up, but I will make SURE you get a free sketch! I’m doing it in order. So If you get a sketch done, you can repost again after 1 PAGE! This is just so others can have a chance at free work! I really appreciate it if you guys share. AHhaha. Anyways, You’re free to post! I’ll have a second reply always editable to showcase whom I’ve done!


I’ll use this reply to post some completed sketches! ILL keep some examples on the post above!

Sketch for GOOSE


This is so nice of you! I’ll give you one of my dredges O: I like your signature


Thank you for considering!

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Ooh! I LOVE dredges. :> of course I can work on it

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