Category Topics

The Central Shroom

The Central Shroom is a gathering hub that provides information on Ourani’s culture and more. Specifically, it’s where you can find the rules, ask questions, post suggestions, and otherwise participate in official business!


This dusty tome will hold all of Ourani’s lore, planetary and species information one day. It just needs to be transcribed first!

Ourani Discussion

Use this category to discuss all things pertinent to Ourani.

Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock isn’t only named after its geographic qualities, but also its use as a place for people to get together and hang out! Chit chat with other users of the forum here.

Hukas' Traveling Market

Welcome to the Hukas’ Traveling Market! Choose from one of the listed shops to buy, sell and trade your goods. ALL subcategories go by these guidelines, so be sure to read them!

Artwork Alley

Show off your artwork!